Montreal — Charter Rights Dispensed With

Preventative arrests are not just unlawful. They’re immoral. They’re an instrument of a regime that is rapidly shedding the pretense of democratic freedom of expression. Dissent is now de facto illegal. I asked this morning on FB where Canada’s progressives are. I stand corrected CANADA WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING RAGE?

So it’s not for nothing that I tell you I woke this morning genuinely afraid. For the first time in my life I am afraid of what can happen to me, and to my friends and neighbors and strangers, if we exercise inalienable rights that we cannot, must not, forfeit. This is not hyperbole, it is fact, and the fact is that the world looks a great deal darker today.

How else to process the preventative arrest of 294 law abiding citizens for the sole crime of attempting to express their political views in a constitutionally guaranteed fashion? Worse, this is the third time Montreal police have moved in to preemptively arrest a protest in its entirety in the space of one week, this lovely new staple of police tactics having been trotted out at the annual anti-police brutality march on the 15th and again to pre-empt a student protest on Tuesday, when 45 people were arrested.

This shit has got to stop. This is not about the Conservatives, I’m willing to bet Justin would be just as crass. Worse, Mulcaire strikes me as being far more willing to do stuff like this because he’s abrogated social democratic values in the pursuit of power. No something is rotten here and it’s not just Police. The Police have been primed either implicitly or explicitly by their masters to engage in this kind of bully-boy tactics. We are talking about a society which has slipped quickly from being an enviable place to live to one which edges towards sinister with every passing week. So I’ll ask again Canada: where are your progressives? Where is your rage?


‘There is no right to protest’: Montreal police deny Charter rights |


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