Offshore Patrol Bloats …

The Harper Government(tm) is once again demonstrating a knack for failing at military procurements. Ignoring for a moment my disapproval for military spending when social spending has been slashed over the past 20 years, the current bru-ha-ha does pose a bit of a mathematical problem.

According to the CBC, the new offshore patrol boats we’re supposed to be acquiring – and based on the existing Svalbad design used by the Norwegans – will cost 288 Million CAD to design. Yes, that’s just to design a boat that already exists. No units built. Moreover, the Norwegans our Navy is suffering from the kind of inflationary procurements that plagued the F-35.

Just to be clear the Svalbard design will need to be revised for Canadian needs. But to pay more than the original design just for modifications? Really?

Canada paying far more than going rate for shipbuilding design – Politics – CBC News


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