Police in Bosma case Now Like Millard for Missing Woman

It may be that Millard had something to do with Babcock’s disappearance. But if this is going to be added to the butcher’s bill on account of a phone record then you need to do a bit of math here. Millard didn’t phone Babcock (which is what you’d expect from a crazy-stalker-type). She phoned him. She phoned him 13 times. She was also described as depressed. These two things suggest to me that Millard knew someone in crisis. If this is the standard for police work in Toronto, we’re all going to be arrested at some point.

That the police weren’t interested in the Babcock case a year ago suggests to me that this really is a case of the police a) not doing their job in the first place and b) the press creating more sensation out of an already sensational story. Just watch the video. This ex-boyfriend once-removed is “suspicious” (Millard was the guy she dated after him). Show me one that isn’t. I offer to the TPS this hard hitting evidence: Bush’s song, Ex-girlfriend.

If it is found that Millard just received a lot of calls from Babcock in the days before she disappeared, if they find Babcock’s body and there is no sign of foul play, will that get reported? Probably not.

I also want to add a word of clarification. My comments have nothing to do with the Bosma case. Millard’s connection to that case seems a damn sight more certain than what’s being shopped around as a “suspicious” connection to the Babcock case.

Video: Dellen Millard, accused of killing Tim Bosma, investigated in woman’s disappearance – The Globe and Mail


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