A 12 year old boy died in 2000 – Israel Claims he didn’t

I want you to look at this image.

Israel has just produced a report claiming that the child in this picture – dead minutes after this frame was shot by camera man Talal Abu Rahma – did not die. That his death was fabricated, a distortion, a falsehood and an incitement to terror. So far Israel has failed to come up with the 25 year old man they believe must still be walking this earth. Israel’s Minitru has been engaged in full on spin mode, deciding that this 13 year old incident is worthy of re-casting.

It swiftly became part of what this week’s Israeli report described as “the battle for the TV or computer screen [which] is often as or even more important than the actual military clash”. Almost immediately, supporters of Israel sought to cast doubt on the veracity of the footage, and the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) retracted an early statement at a press conference that “apparently the boy was hit by our fire”.

This kind of cynical bullshit has to end.

Free Palestine.

Father of Muhammad al-Dura rebukes Israeli report on son’s death | World news | guardian.co.uk


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