Rosie DiManno Steps into the Area of Revisionist Stupidity.

DiManno has produced some excremental writing in the past, but here current analysis of Ford Populism left me boggling:

But, I repeat, the Ford polarization doesn’t cleave to left-right affiliations. There were an awful lot of lefties, even in the downtown core, who voted for Ford last time around, for the same reasons that hard right types embraced the candidate’s agenda — out of self-interest. (emphasis mine)

But where’s the Beef Rosie? How are you able to make a bold assertion that any number of lefties voted for Ford? Did you poll anyone other than your circle of intimates on this? Frankly there’s nothing to suggest lefties voted for Ford at all – except DiManno’s rampaging imagination. If DiManno is suggesting Wards that might have swung left in the past moved right, this suggests nothing more than uncommited voters being moved. “Lefties”? If your loyalties change with the way the political wind blows, you cannot really be considered part of a particular political constituency.

However, the voting patterns by Ward suggest that this in fact didn’t happen. “Lefties” in the core voted Smitherman not Ford. I would suggest DiManno study her own publication’s analysis of FordNation. Start here.


Ford crack scandal: Clinging to conspiracy theories won’t make facts go away: DiManno | Toronto Star


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