Team Telecom

The US has bullied and cajoled its way into accessing Fiber Optic networks belonging to foreign firms. One example is Global Crossing, but aparently there are many others:

Specifically, the Post used fiber optic network provider called Global Crossing as an example. The paper reports that a decade ago, the originally American firm prepared to be sold to an Asian firm, but the US worried about losing the potential to tap into the network when necessary. This concern stalled the sale of the company for months while a team of lawyers from the FBI and the departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security negotiated a deal with the new owners … Global Crossing’s agreement, for example, stipulates that surveillance requests had to be handled by US citizens with the appropriate clearance and “sworn to secrecy” and that the firm had to have a “Network Operations Center” on US soil that could be accessed by government officials “with 30 minutes of warning.”

Combine this power with the enhanced and extended power of the NSA under FISA to violate illegal search prohibitions without actually violating the constitution of the US

Deals with foreign cable owners, secret court rulings broaden NSA spying potential | Ars Technica


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