EU takes stance on Israeli Settlements

EU takes a stand against the continuing expansion of Israeli settlements by banning its member states from cooperating with  or signing agreements with Israel without explicit exclusion of Settlement areas. In effect the EU is insisting on the pre-1967 Green Line as the demarcation line for these agreements.

The EU guidelines, adopted on 30 June, will prohibit the issuing of grants, funding, prizes or scholarships unless a settlement exclusion clause is included. Israeli institutions and bodies situated across the pre-1967 Green Line will be automatically ineligible …

the direcctive

… covers all areas of co-operation between the EU and Israel, including economics, science, culture, sports and academia. It does not cover trade, such as produce and goods originating in settlements.

Frankly this is breathtakingly bold. For those committed to the BDS movement this is obviously not enough since trade is not included, but for such a strong stance to have been taken requires encouragement on the part of the movement since it is a big step to redressing the international community’s inaction on the settlement issue.

EU takes tougher stance on Israeli settlements | World news |


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