UK – long guilty of “transportation” tells immigrants to “Go Home”

In what is perhaps one of the most Xenophobic and stupid campaigns ever launched, the Tory government has started running an ad campaign telling illegal immigrants to “go home” or face arrest.

Ignoring for a moment the fact that almost anyone within the country illegally is painfully aware they face arrest.They are also probably aware of their options “at home” and yet persist in remaining anyhow. That should tell you something.

The other problem I have is a historical one. As a country that regularly use the wonderfully sanitary term “transportation” as a form of punishment, shipping hundreds of thousands of people around the world and permanently displacing them to North America and Australia (oddly enough also parts of the world with viciously xenophobic immigration policies).

All of this of course is without including Britain’s happy participation in the trans-Atlantic slave trade before deciding that it was no longer economically expedient to be shipping cheap labour to their economic competitors (natch).

So its difficult to see the “go home” campaign without thinking that Britain – especially her Tory party – but also all her xenophobes should “go home”. Britain has furnished the world with “colonies” its time for the world to colonize Britain.

Illegal immigrant ‘go home’ posters defended by Tory minister | UK news |


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