New GCHQ Revalations – Selling Access to Big Brother

Two pieces came across my desk today concened with the GCHQ fiber optic tapping. The first is Ars Technica, who citing a German source notes not only the 7 fiber companies but also their GCHQ nicknames.

Verizon (‘Dacron’),

BT (‘Remedy’),

Vodafone Cable (‘Gerontic’),

Global Crossing (‘Pinnage’),

Level 3 (‘Little’),

Viatel (‘Vitreous’)

Interoute (‘Streetcar’)

In addition to this was this response from Vodafone, effectively complaining that the media didn’t understand:

Media reports on these matters have demonstrated a misunderstanding of the basic facts of European, German, and UK legislation and of the legal obligations set out within every telecommunications operator’s licence,” a Vodafone spokesperson told the paper. “Vodafone complies with the law in all of our countries of operation.

No in fact the media is actually on the ball on this one. The law is seriously broken on this matter and you “Gerontic” perhaps had a duty to make clear exactly how far the countries you operate in violate the rights of their citizens.

The second peice is a BoingBoing commentary on an RT story showing another side of the GCHQ activitie — incentivization. Remember the Vodafone statement above when you read this:

fresh leaks also claim to be showing another side of the secret deal, with telecom majors allegedly receiving rewards for developing the spying software for GCHQ on their own. Such software could come in a form of Trojan viruses installed on targeted computers, the reports say, stating that the companies’ involvement in data collection is much larger and more complicated than previously thought.

Indeed. So Vodafone is crying about being misunderstood while simultaneously entertaining its own avaricious principles. Well frankly I’m just shocked. Shocked I say.

Seven telcos named as providing fiber optic cable access to UK spies | Ars Technica

UK phone companies turned a profit by shoveling customer data into GCHQ’s maw – Boing Boing


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