The Unethical Behaviour of Toronto Community Housing Corp

Toronto’s Community Housing organization has decided that it might be a good idea to incentivize crime reporting by providing goods to residents in exchange for tips. The trouble is that the city is offering carrots in the forms of repairs and upgrades it should be providing regardless as a way of accruing information for the Toronto Police Service.

TCHC tennants saw Swansea Mews residents get $150,000 in repairs, while their own buildings and homes went unattended.

TCHC has a backlog of 750 Million worth of repairs. It seems that tenants can get a jump on the queue by ratting on neighbours. Ignoring for a moment that there may be no check on spurious reports (and god knows what kind of damage that might do to an innocent neighbour’s reputation) — the message the Swansea Mews incentive sends is this: risk your life and we might expedite repairs we should be doing anyway.

TCHC’s crime tipster incentive sets bad precedent, say some observers | Toronto Star


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