Guardian: We were forced to destroy our Hard Drives.

Alan Rusbridger commenting on the fact that the Guardian has been compelled to destroy the Snowden files in its possession.

What is worth noting is the menace and the complete obsurdity of what the British Government thinks it can do. The Americans are really no different – but the First Ammendment still has some power in the US.

How long do you think Greenwald has before the CIA or MI6 find a way to either run him off the road or stage a mugging gone-wrong? How long do you think you have before you or someone you love will become the victim of unwanted and unwarranted government attention? Seriously people it is time to dissolve these monstrosities and start talking about how we want to be governed again. 

David Miranda, schedule 7 and the danger that all reporters now face | Alan Rusbridger | Comment is free | The Guardian


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