A food rant … Not my usual faire

So I had the opportunity to try something disgusting. I went to the CNE today to try some of the culinary perculiarities that appear at the EX every year. The Cronut was not an option. Instead, I opted to lunch at a place in the Food hall called Pull’d. Now Pull’d, as you might imagine, specializes in pulled pork. So I went for what they called the “Jack’d” a pulled pork “sandwich” layered between red velvet pancakes slathered in Jack Daniels infused maple syrup. It’s supposed to sound like a heart attack and I was interested to see if I could stomach it.

Here’s the problem. The pancakes were pretty good. But if you call yourself “Pull’d” you’d better fucking bring it when you’re serving up the pork. The pulled pork portion of the meal was dry and frankly flavourless. It is an embarassment when a rank BBQ amateur knows that you did just about everything wrong in producing what you laughingly call pulled-pork. It was so bad that I didn’t even finish the 13 dollar travesty.

On the bright side my lunch companion – who seconded my observations about bland, dry pork – ordered a smoked meat sandwich from the Montreal Deli counter and my friends this was a revelation. Moist, well seasoned meat. Good, solid, but yeilding Rye. There was nothing “over the top” it was just a good smoked meat sandwich. I went up to the counter to complement the guys cutting the meat. They were a little shocked and thought at first that I was complaining.

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