When Cops Torture

Toronto has a police problem. We have a chief who pretends he’s not responsible for mass detentions and beatings in 2010. We have officers operating out of 14 Division who seem to think that a kid trapped in a streetcar is more worthy of a bullet than talking down, and that when the public confronts them, that they are entitled to threaten and cajole. We have in the story linked below a ruling by Ontario’s Court of Appeal that three Officers participated in the beating and stomping of two suspects in order to elicit confessions.

“At the same time, (Belanger) attempted to grab hold of Maharaj’s leg and step on his testicles. (Clark) added an oral element to the intimidation and assault: he said, ‘Oh, you don’t want to make a statement? You don’t want to make a statement? You’re going to make a statement. We’ll make sure you make a statement … I hope you’re tougher than your buddy.’ ”

It is time Toronto stopped having a police problem. Its time we disarm and re-educate the five-oh. They have one of the toughest jobs in the world, but it will only get harder – if not down-right impossible – if people view them as just another armed gang. Right now, that’s all they appear to be: bully boys with truncheons and glocks.

Court of Appeal stays conviction due to ‘torture’ by Toronto police | Toronto Star


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