US Federal Prisons in Crisis

On the heels of the Federal Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General’s annual report, the Atlantic is providing analysis of its contents. Some of the numbers are truely staggering. It costs the Federal Bureau of Prisons USD 25.5 Billion to house some 219,000 prisoners. However, this is inadequate. In 2001 28.9 Billion was spent to house 157,000 inmates!

The fiscal gap is aggravated by an absence of viable ideas for reform.

There is an additional challenge, one which was highlighted by the Canadian Office of the Correctional Investigator in 2010-11: inmate populations are getting older. In other words, if prison populations continue to age as they are now, they will increasingly look like care homes with all the attendant medical challenges those face but in addition to the problems of prison populations.

Government Watchdog: We Have a Growing Federal Prison ‘Crisis’ – Andrew Cohen – The Atlantic


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