NSA and Metadata: We collect it – but we’re really not any good at using it.

According to an Ars Technica article, a report looking at 225 cases where terror suspects were charged in the US with an act of terrorism since 9/11 has concluded that the bulk metadata collection by agencies like the NSA are nearly negligable. Ironically:

The study concluded that “traditional investigative methods,” including the use of informants, community/family tips, are actually far more effective. The researchers also show that individualized and targeted warrants issued through traditional criminal courts or by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) are fully capable of obtaining detailed information—particularly on the content of digital correspondence—that is otherwise legally unobtainable.

This would mark the second time this claim has been made against the NSA’s mass surveillance programmes. For more visit the story at the link below:

Report: NSA bulk metadata collection has “no discernible impact” | Ars Technica


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