Scotland Yard broken.

I usually reserve the “Rotten Cops” category for the garden variety police corruption which stems from putting otherwise normal human beings into positions where power and lack of accountability merge.

A report in Today’s Independent presents something else entirely. Scotland Yard, home to London’s Metropolitan Police Department has been compromised by organized crime. The problem goes beyond the Yard, however:

In 2003 Operation Tiberius found that men suspected of being Britain’s most notorious criminals had compromised multiple agencies, including HM Revenue & Customs, the Crown Prosecution Service, the City of London Police and the Prison Service, as well as pillars of the criminal justice system including juries and the legal profession.

The rot is so deep that one is left to wonder if a viable justice system remains in the UK. There’s a Home Secretary or two that will have to lose jobs over this. One investigator went on record to state:

‘I feel that at the current time I cannot carry out an ethical murder investigation without the fear of it being compromised.’

I’ll leave you with that thought and encourage you to read more at the link below.

The corruption of Britain: UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals – Home News – UK – The Independent

Update: turns out that the chink in the armour of the Met may be the Freemasons. What I didn’t know was that the Grand Master of the Freemasons in the UK is the Edward, Duke of Kent.

Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police – Crime – UK – The Independent


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