The kind of conservatism that actually matters …

Photograph: Philip Stephen/bluegreenpictures

There’s a tidy piece in the Guardian about the comparative manner in which the oil windfalls of the UK and Norway were managed. The comparison has been prompted by the fact that as of this past week every Norwegian has a million krone to their name. This is the kind of conservatism that everyone should support: sober investment in the future. Speaking as someone from the far left of the spectrum, even if I don’t agree with the investment in a capitalist economy, the fact is that in this instance Norway’s government put the welfare of its populace ahead of the interests of private wealth.

The article has much more to say about the legacy of Thatcherite mismanagement masquarading as fiscal sobriety so I highly recommend following the link below.

Dude, where’s my North Sea oil money? | Aditya Chakrabortty | Comment is free | The Guardian


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