Why idiots shouldn’t be allowed to make info-graphics (I’m looking at you today “A” Atheists).

One of my feeds threw up the following info-graphic:


Read the fine print.

This infographic is actually really disturbing. It conflates Islamophobia with the wrong idea.

Islamophobia is when people make pejorative or sweeping judgements of exclusion based on a person’s belief in Islam. It is actually directly akin to anti-semitism. Anti-semitism is bias or bigotry aimed at a person because of their faith or ancestry. That the person’s faith is merely an idea is neither here nor there. The linguistic mechanisms used, denote a stance of extreme prejudice rather than one of engagement.

Look at the way the text uses “in a civilized society” to imply the incivility of someone who feels discriminated against because of their belief in Islam. The text itself is a cudgel, using imagery like that to quash dissent.

I notice as well that “homophobia” is also not mentioned, and while homosexuality is not a belief, homophobia is based on other people’s misconceptions of what it means to be a homosexual.

Sexism is similarly excluded. Sexist language is based on assumptions about gender roles. While one can quibble about debate about what gender roles are, that is not the same as sexism. Just as Islamophobia is not the same as debating the merits of Islam. One is an act of violence, the other is engagement.

In short, the person or persons authoring the infographic clearly have no idea what bigotry or freedom of speech means. The alternative is that they have a sinister and frankly horrifying ideological axe to grind. My guess, given the target of its pseudo-logic, is the latter.


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